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Our mission is to help financial advisor’s leverage the power of social media to improve their client acquisition and retention results. Our programs run the gamut from do-it-yourself to engaging the professionals at Two Dogs Social to manage your social media strategy on a daily basis. Our programs are successful because, we bring accountability to those we work with and, they have the advantage of working with professionals that have been immersed in the nuances of compliance driven social media in financial services for the past 12 years.


The journey to successfully leveraging social media begins with engagement. Financial advisors have the option to engage Two Dogs Social in the following areas:

why and how to use linkedin

Creating a professional linkedin profile that will attract and engage your target audience. 

Boolean Search

creating a network of linkedin connections who need your services

lead generation

understanding how to attract and convert connections to clients. 

advanced tools (sales navigator)

using sales navigator for advanced lead generation.

Social media best practices

breaking down the most important ways to leverage social media

expanding your brand

educating advisors on the importance of social media marketing and how it will build your book.

introducing your coach


D, Bruce johnston

bruce johnston, social media educator, speaker and advisor, of two dogs social. Bruce has over three decades of experience in the financial services industry as a sales executive and nearly a decade studying social media and how it helps contribute to acquiring and retaining clients. over the past eight years he has spent time with over 20,000 fa's coaching them on how to use linkedin.

ways to engage with two dogs social coaches

at two dogs social we understand that your time is valuable. this is why we have created multiple coaching sessions to accommodate you and your team. You can choose from the following, or discuss your specific needs with tds so we can create a more customized coaching experience. 

online 1:1

online team coaching

in person 1:1

in person team coaching



full day in office

Schedule a consultation
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