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Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and video have fundamentally changed the way customers find and do business.

The numbers are eye popping, as 74% of consumers rely on social media to guide their purchasing decisions.
Digital branding and digital communications influence is everywhere:

Social Media

84% of CEO’s and Vice Presidents use social media to make purchasing decisions.

Online Search

 Best-in-class firms found that 40% of marketing leads came from inbound marketing channels. Think Landing Pages and Marketing Automation


58% of buyers said that blogs were an important resource during their initial learning process



6.8 people are now involved in the average B2B buying decision

Vendor Review

57% of the journey of B2B buyers is completed before they ever talk to sales

Third Party

 21% of buyers viewed industry experts/analysts as the first three resources that informed them about the solution in question


53% of sales professionals have received introductions to new opportunities from existing clients and a warm referral increases the odds a sales success 2 – 4 times

Is your business digitally positioned to take advantage of this shift in buyer behavior?

If not, the digital branding experts at Two Dogs Social are available to guide you through how digital branding and digital communication can help you target specific demographics and the thought leaders within those demographics to grow awareness and interest in you and your business.

Our experts will show you how to differentiate your business in the eyes of your target audience, position your business in the mind of your target audience, create a compelling story that communicates your brand proposition and differentiates you, align your activities from a brand and channel perspective and create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiencies of your activities.

 “It is not about doing ‘digital marketing’, it is about marketing effectively in a digital world.”

- Diageo’s CEO Ivan Menezes