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About Jordan Johnston:

Jordan Johnston is the Founder and Social Media Specialist at Two Dogs Social. Prior to founding Two Dogs Social she was the Marketing Manager for MDC DOT, a sales enablement platform providing marketing automation, CRM and social media management capabilities at the desktop for sales professionals and sales teams.

In addition to her duties of cultivating new communities and managing branded online communities on MDC DOT’s behalf, she has a thorough understanding of CRM practices, strategies and technologies and how they help companies manage and analyze customer interactions and data through the customer lifecycle.

At Two Dogs Social she is directly responsible for defining and executing our social media strategy. She does this by leveraging LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, among other social media platforms, by providing relevant content daily while tracking metrics and monitoring relevant conversations.

For the past two years she has also focused on the financial services vertical to gain a better understanding of the do’s and don’ts of leveraging social media in a highly regulated industry. Her attention to detail, innovative skills, and passion for anything UX drives her to constantly learn and improve.

In her off time, Jordan enjoys anything dealing with dogs and animal welfare. She is heavily involved with Dog Rescue and in 2013 created Reagan’s Run, a 5K dedicated to supporting the local animal shelter in Tuttle, OK.