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Influencer Marketing Tip

Influencer marketing has been growing exponentially in its popularity, every day hundreds of thousands of people create content and put it on one of their social platform advertising a product or service. It’s a great way to portray social value and also to give credibility to the product they are using.

A good thing for influencer marketing is that once they have created the content you asked them to for one specific platform, you are able to use that in other platforms as well. So you have created content for your entire marketing plan rather than just a single platform.

Through this post we are going to show you the best tips on how to maximize your influencer marketing strategy, so that you can use it to the best of your abilities and maximize your overall results of brand awareness.

Longer Copy

If you use the same copy from the influencers, it becomes more authentic. Not only does the credibility increase but people will take it more seriously if they are reading something coming from the influencer themselves instead of just a few bullet points advertising the pros and cons of the product or service you are trying to advertise.

The more authentic the post and copy is, the higher the CTR will be. Keep in mind that in high volumes a 1% difference in CTR would be HUGE for your posts.

Showcase your Influencer

Always make sure you tag your influencer and mention them in your posts, this will help them out as well which will create a better relationship between you and them. As for your readers, this will let them know exactly who said and promoted that product. That will help them see the influencer and feel more connected with both you and the influencer. By creating a better connection, the viewers and audience are going to become more familiar and trust both of you even more. All it takes is one recommendation or one share to get you closer to your ideal clients!

Put it to practice

If you can showcase your products being used, it will catch peoples attention and get them interested. Remember all of those “as seen on TV” products? Yes they all succeeded because they showcased how great the use of those products was, which gave them more of a incline to find out more.

If you add a video of your influencer using the product, it will create a lot more awareness for it. This is because now they have someone completely separate from the company using the product, which will increase your CTR by more than 50%!!!

Click to Action

Adding a click to action link is ALWAYS recommended, people always like to know if there is something next. Even if some people only click it out of curiosity, that’s more people looking through the entire link. You never know what might catch their interest, so a simple call to action is always good.

Once you have the viewer engaged, you should be able to show them where and what to look at. That will help you showcase the best parts of your product or service so that you can reach more people that are interested in you.

Measure Results

Measuring results constantly is a great idea, that will help you see live results and will help you optimize the rest of your campaigns. Instead of waiting to the end of the campaign, you can see what you can do while its running to make it better. That will save you a lot of money on ad spend. As for influencer marketing, if you have someone promote your product for a week and come day 3 there has been little to no effect on it. That’s when you should decide to modify it or end it early. Not every campaign will be successful, but if you grow and learn from what works and what doesn’t then you should be more effective with your spend and creation as time goes on.

There you have it! Those are our best tips on what to do when working with your influencer. Remember working with an influencer is greta and can do wonders for your brand, but only if the ads are working, you have a good relationship with your influencer and pay close attention to the performance of your campaigns.

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