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Are you being Featured on LinkedIn?

As is our custom we’ve reported over the past few months some of the helpful new features LinkedIn has introduced for both individuals and companies. If you’re new to LinkedIn you’re probably frustrated as you aren’t seeing one or any of these new features on your LinkedIn Profile.


LinkedIn is notorious for introducing a new feature and then painstakingly rolling it out sometimes over several weeks, months or even country-by-country, again, over several weeks or months. Rinse, Repeat!

In Q & A format here’s the 411, as in here’s the information, on LinkedIn’s new "Featured Profile Section".

What is the Featured Section?

The Featured Section is a new area on your LinkedIn profile where you can showcase work samples that you’re most proud of. For example, you can feature posts that you’ve authored or re-shared, articles you’ve published on LinkedIn, and even external media like images, documents and links.

Why is there content being displayed in the Featured Section on my profile?

Any media you may have previously had in your About section has been moved to the Featured section. This allows you to showcase your work to people who view your profile in a more prominent way.

In the past you had to embed your content in the About section. Now you will be required to do the same in the Featured Section, but LinkedIn has made it easier.

How is this different than the Activity section on my profile?

By using the Featured section, you can pick and choose the content you’re most proud of and curate what other members will see.

In contrast, the Activity Section highlights all your activity for the past 45 days, ordered by recency. This includes your articles, posts, comments and likes on other LinkedIn posts. Your Activity section is located just below the Featured section on your profile if you choose to enable it, or under your Dashboard.

How do I post an article to my Featured Section?

To post an article to your Featured Section click on the ( + ) icon in the upper right-hand side of the Featured Section just to the left of the pencil icon. You will then see a drop down menu in essence asking if you’d like to post content, post an article you’ve written, embed a link or upload media.

What is not clear if you’re going to embed one of your posts into your Featured Section it has to be posted via your “Home” page first.

If you want to embed one of your posts into the Featured Section click the ( + ) button, a drop down menu will appear. Click on the action you’d like to take and follow the directions.

For example, if I want to feature a post click on the ( + ) icon to the right of “Posts” and you will be directed to a list of your posts in order of most current to oldest. If you’d like to add one of your posts to the Featured Section click on “Feature” and then “Done”. The post will automatically appear in your Featured Section.

How much content can I include in my Featured Section?

You can include as many samples of your work as you want in your Featured Section, and you can manage what you’d like to feature by adding and removing content at any time.

Please note that only the first two posts and a portion of the third will be displayed.

How does the content get ordered in my Featured section, and can I reorder it?

By default, newly featured content will show up first in your Featured Section. However, you can always edit, reorder, remove or delete a post from your Featured Section.

Place an arrow on the four horizontal bars or the number 1.

Place an arrow on the Remove from Featured or the number 2

To perform any of these actions click on the PENCIL icon in the top right-hand corner of the Featured Section. Doing so will take you to the edit feature where you can reorder, remove or delete a post.

To reorder your Featured content use the drag and drop feature located in the top right hand side of your post.

To remove your Featured content click on the “Remove from featured” command located in the lower left hand side of the

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