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Automation Skills We All Need to Master!

Just like any technological advance, it is meant to make life simpler. The internet marketing world, has focused on simplifying things and automating things. That would help the marketer to focus on what is more important without having to focus on the simpler things that are more time consuming. Automation in marketing has been growing in popularity, but you would be surprised for the things that are more automated now than you know off. Because not everyone is proficient in automation, marketers who know how to automate things and save time are in high demand.

If you are able to automate things, you would be a greater asset to your team than someone who doesn’t know how to do so. By being able to automate your work, you would be able to increase the number of sales and leads that you are able to get. Which means the ROI you bring would increase, therefore making you more valuable and marketable to the market.

In this post we are going to show you the best skills you need to stay competitive and ahead of the pack.


In today's internet marketing world, being tech savvy is a must, you should be able to implement automation tools and make it easy for you to be able to communicate with your team. From marketing to technical support, all roles in marketing will require teamwork in order to work. There's not need for everyone to focus on one thing, so being able to delegate and work together is crucial to succeed. Remember work smarter not harder!

The team should be able to communicate with each other to meet the list of goals and objectives that are set. If you want to increase sales or leads by a certain percent, the team should create a strategy that will lay out a plan of action to get there. You should delegate on who can qualify the leads, who can generate them and who can warm them up. Then those leads should be sent to the sales department so they can convert, no need to send cold leads that may or may not close when you can screen them and send the hottest ones!

Automating workflows

Workflows and processes are a key part of automation, all marketers should be able to determine the documents and requirements in order to automate the campaigns. They should be able to create, deploy, track and measure them with no effort at all.

Once the team is able to automate the campaigns, you should have them refine the workflows so that the lead generation and distribution gores through all the campaigns. Which will help certain workflows work more than others. This can dramatically impact the customers experience in your website. If you make it simpler for the customer to buy, the more they will buy. Think of amazon, they have the bundle packs right below the products. How many times have you found yourself buying those bundles when you initially intended to only get one of the products?

Being able to map out the plan is key, whether you use a whiteboard or write it all down digitally. Mapping it all out will help you implement the plan of action and stay on track.

If anything should go wrong, turning back to the plan will quickly show the team where they went wrong. Saving a lot of time in the process of fixing the issue.

Analyzing data

Being able to truly understand the data you collect is one of the best skills you can possess. If your team is able to interpret and read through all the data you get, it would make it a lot easier to create better campaigns based on the more informed decisions you are able to take.

Being able to to apply the insights to future campaigns, will speed things up and only raise ROI. That will also facilitate the future marketing strategies your team will take, which will make it easier to trigger the work flows.

Being good at math is going to come very handy in this area, it will help read through the analytics and correctly assess what is working and what isn’t. sometimes a lot of metrics won't be exact, so using the math to correctly analyze what works and what doesn't it's very important. That will help you implement them for future results. This will help when split testing subjects and seeing which one was more successful than the other.

Creating content

If you don’t have compelling content, then your products won't sell. Automation can increase reach but if you aren’t producing catchy content, you might as well not automate anything at all. You could lose a large part of your audience if you don’t spark interest for them. Being able to combine automation and effective content is the key to success.

As automation increases, the skill sets marketers are required to know are constantly increasing. They will continue to evolve and develop into skills you must have from the remember to be good at math to interpret the data, be able to sort out a plan of action for future reference and be able to delete the work so that the team works together more effectively.

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